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I'm New Here

Hey everyone i just joined. I've come to the conclusion that i enjoy writing but i hate everything i write. So instead of showing my friends the things i write i thought i'd share with people who i will never have to face. So i'll start off with a song i wrote a few days ago. Comments are welcome good or bad. And btw my first line was inspired/stolen by someones lj icon cuz really that's what got me going on the rest of the song but the rest is mine i swear. doesn't have a title cuz i usually don't worry about that part.

my screams would make you cry
even when i try
my deep thoughts inside
make me wish i would die
facing turned backs
my knees buckle i crumble
can't stumble my strength is unable to
lift me up

i should stay down
let myself drown
hear my dying sound
i don't want to be found

i'm taking in all your pain
wonder if i am sane
everything's still the same
my body curls up in shame
crippled by damage
not living or breathing
decieveing the reaper
i'm no longer a sleeper

i should stay down (i'm running away)
let myself drown (no more need to stay)
hear my dying sound (not living each day)
i don't want to be found
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