cantwait4this (cantwait4this) wrote in w0rdsxunsp0ken,

"just a toss-up from now on"

the nerve that's on your lip
when you say
"it has to be like this"

forget and forgive
what you may have missed
forgive and forget
is there a chance of this?

is there one who understands?
i guess you lack this trait
do you not get the point?
well then,
allow me to elaborate.

like a car twisted 'round a tree,
its' roots will not budge for thee.
like those words you spoke to me,
veins still will pulse with the eyes i see.

is it foul or fair?
for though it may seem more the first
it is the second i most fear

for foul love brings angst
angst brings anger
anger brings sour
like the spoiled milk left past its' hour

all this makes it easy to miss
the memories you dare to resist

yet in fair love and pain
you still hold on
wanting those memories to make a gain

gain for a future

for you long for a future with your past
and foul love makes past loves just that

but now you are with someone much like your past
what thoughts do i have for that?

are we fair or are we foul?
are we done or shall I leave it up to call?
heads or tails is all I have

for though you are gone
i feel no shame
for i know its over
no loss, no gain

if it happends
then it does
if it doesn't
that once was, never was.
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