TheEmu3 (theemu3) wrote in w0rdsxunsp0ken,

Its called "Raining on Thursday"

I can’t forget the last time we met.
It was raining,
It always rains on Thursdays.
We all had big dreams
A poet
A singer
An actor
A swinger
But baby, everyone’s a poet in love with anything.

Still, my cynicism wans
as I watch the city lights fade.
And my cliché core steers my thoughts
back to you.

I think I was made to be mute.
Your words were always sweeter,
Your thoughts always more complete.
Nonsensical perfection pouring from your tongue
in lyrics and verse.

I always think better at one in the morning
when there’s no one around to hear.
And it was always harder to put thoughts into words
when you’re on my mind.
-Emma Wicker
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