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solo summer nights bleed to the current

I wrote this when I was San Diego sitting on the shoreline alone at night missing my boyfriend.


The waves are so powerful.
You feel like nothing as you walk onto the shoreline at night
Walking into a blanket of white among the midnight sky.
And it's amazing. Breathtaking.
I wish I could capture every moment and put them into pictures for you.
As a grin breaks free from my face, I smile and feel as if nothing can destroy this spirit.

In this moment I am free.
Troubles and worries fade into the crystal ocean.
I look to the sky and see your face among the constellations.
Giggles and laughter echo in the background.
I breathe. The crisp air creates goosebumps and I cuddle to the blanket and clutch unto this pen pouring my heart out.
<marquee>City lights paint a scene to make it complete.<marquee>



and this pic reminds me of that exact moment of how i was...

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